Year in Review: The Journey of an Erotic Artist


As most of my clients know I like to take some time off each year to travel. And when I say travel it is usually not to some luxury vacation spot where I am sipping Mai Tai’s and lounging by the pool. It is a time for me to remove myself from my usual environment—to remind myself of the diversities that surround us—and to do healing work, self reflection, cleansing and rejuvenating. This time away keeps work feeling fresh and exciting. Not that my job is EVER boring but it sparks new passion in me that I can then pass on to my clients.

However, as my regulars know, my yearly short sabbatical basically turned into an unexpected year long sabbatical. So where have I been and what the fuck have I been doing!?

Well, just as I was amping up to bring in the new year with my amazing Denver clientele I received an interesting offer. I was proposed with an exclusive contract to serve as a full-time companion for a wealthy businessman. What an adventure this was! It was amazing in many ways and through the experience was able to understand many things—mainly the importance of my freedom and the need to be my authenticity self. In the end the allure of the gilded cage turned out not to be for me.

After the consummation of that contract I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I have worked in Seattle in the past and have always been in love with the beautiful city. I found a new space in Seattle and was planning my move out there when I got another unexpected proposal.

A shaman that I had done medicine work with in the past ended up parting ways from the center he started with and after having procured an amazing space in Central America, had the time and space to work more exclusively with those wanting to dive deeply into the outer and inner universe. When he initially reached out I was a bit torn. Well fuck, should I focus on work or myself?

But how often does the opportunity to work exclusively, one-on-one with the Shaman of your choice come up? So I unpacked for the city and repacked for the jungle and off I was to a journey that would serve to be the most deeply intense experience of my far.

There is much debate in recent discussion around the morality and ethical responsibility when it comes to the shaman/student, healer/wounded, man/woman dynamic. When you have a mix of money, medicine, sexuality, and power the lines of truth, love, manipulation, light and darkness all begin to blur. Through the intensity of my journey I was able to understand many things when it comes to the the boundaries and structure necessary to uphold when working with clients and because of this I hope to hold a safer, more transparent container for all those that I work with.

Rich in existentialism, sexuality, comedy and drama, I am excited to be sharing my epic journey in its entirety in my first novel that is currently in the works! (But I would love support and advice on this project. If anyone has any useful tips, contacts for editors or publishers, or general advice please let me know!)

Although I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity, I will humbly admit that re-entering into the western world was very difficult for me. Culture shock can only begin to describe the emotions I felt within. However after several weeks of grounding back into my western home and as the shock began to wear off, I again was given guidance and remembrance of why I am here.

I deeply love my Denver based clientele, however my new energy required a new location. Having come full circle, I have finally made to Seattle!

So I am officially back, with more passion and purpose then ever and so excited to be in the amazing city of Seattle! What is my purpose now?

My life umbrella purpose has always been sharing the gift of pleasure and sacred sexually but stemming off of that, my main goals now are to either heal the heart or strengthen the mind.

With these goals in mind, my session offerings will focus on what I am calling Hypnossage or Fantasy Escapes. In these sessions we can work on healing work and reprogramming or we can work on strengthening the mind to take you wherever you choose to go. Learn more about these session in blog post Erotic Hypnossage: The Ultimate Reprogramming & Fantasy Escapes: Fantasy within the Mind

In conclusion, 2018 was quite the year for me and has changed me in so many amazing ways.

With this new change I hope to provide you with an even more amazing session with the energy of compassion, sensuality, gratitude and humbleness.

I look forward to building a new sense of community in Seattle and to stay connected to my amazing Denver based clientele, who is welcome to come visit me anytime! Thank you for your continued devotion and support! For a more expounded thank you check out my blog: A Big Thank You to my Clientele