Fantasy Escape Sessions: Erotic Journey within the Mind


Do you ever look around and think to yourself, there must be more to this life than just this. You feel it at your core, don’t you? Behind the masks that we all wear everyday, we know this to be true. We know that we have become numbed to comply. We know that we are meant to feel more.

Maybe you have felt it before—watching a movie or being in an intoxicating state. That feeling of ecstasy where the ‘real’ world ceases to exist and what is left is that one moment—a moment of present where time is relative—a moment of pleasure and beauty. But only for a moment and then it comes to a screeching halt as your mind plays out reminders of consequences from past and worries of the future.

But how do we cultivate more of those moments into our lives? How can we live a life filled with more true moments and feel what we are truly meant to feel?

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Note, the term ‘tool.’ It is a tool, however in modern times the mind has taken over almost completely. It is no longer a tool, it has become us. We believe the mind so completely that whatever it tells us we are, we become.

One must learn how to control it. One must learn how to detach from it. One must learn how to harness its powers to work for us and not against us.

Let’s face it, the world today is in a dire state of sadnesses and suffering. There is almost nowhere in the world that is free from hatred, fear, corruption and suffering. So where can one escape!? The truest escape we have is into the mind...if harnessed correctly.

But the mind can serve either as a prison, caging you in polluted self deprecating thoughts or it can free you from all sadness and misery— if you learn the power of imaginative creation.

This is what a Fantasy Escape session aims to provide.

A basic layout and relaxation needed for your mind to let go. Then you are free to create whatever fantasy your little heart desires.

You don’t need a movie, you don’t need porn. All you need is a well tuned mind, capable of making a world where you are king and anything you want is yours, just the way you would like it.

The problem is, is that most people don’t even know what they want. You are constantly being told what you want so when are you free to decide for yourself? It must become a practice. You must remove the stimuli of the outside world, dive into the deepest parts of your psyche and see what lies beneath the layers of societal programming. What do you truly desire? What does your world of creation look like? What is your happy place? If you could create the perfect fantasy, what would it be?

It takes practice clearing the mind to be able to construct a world of pleasure and bliss. Meditation is a great tool for this. I tell people to use this as a goal for meditation. Many times people don’t even know why they are meditating. Maybe they are just trying to reduce anxiety or have a moment of stillness. But they don’t realize the amazing things that you can do with the mind once the benefits of meditation pay off.

So think of it like this—the mind is full of cluttered thoughts, cycling around in your brain at rapid rates. How are you to create in a world full of such clutter? Mediation is used to remove the clutter. The goal is to create a mind of blank stillness. Imagine now a white platform, like in the matrix. Once you can master this, your imagination can be ignited and ready to create.

Nikola Tesla was a master at mind creation. It is said that as a child his mother would have him practice imagining 3D objects from all angles until they appeared as true as a solid object. As an inventor he would first create the invention in his mind. He would run it from start to finish, seeing where it would fail and correcting it in his mind. It was first perfected in his mind before he would go to work on the real world project.

Being use to constant stimuli, at first this might be difficult for you as you jump over the hurdles that your mind will throw at you. In a session you may think of what you were doing earlier; what you have to do later. You may think about me and what I am thinking. You may be feeling guilt and that you do not deserve to receive so much attention, as most people are taught that being a receiver is selfish. You may feel shame around the fantasies that are coming into your mind. You may have a hard time letting go of tension that you have been holding so tightly in your physical form.

The sensory deprivation aspect of my sessions helps greatly to remove these obstacles. In stillness people feel the need to fill uncomfortable silences with talking. With open eyes people begin to analyze and judge. Hearing the noises of the world around them people find it hard to relax and let go. The use of headphones and blindfolds takes care of all of these issues.

All of these obstacles are perfectly normal and take practice to let go of. But with practice of meditation and after a few sessions you will learn that it is safe to let go and your mind will open up to the beauty that is your happy place.

So what is your happy place? What can we create together? Maybe you are a Persian god being pampered by his Arabian consort. Maybe you are a Celtic King being given god like abilities by his seductive all-powerful oracle.

And with this practice you will be amazed at how a simple practice of fun and fantasy can reform your entire life. When you understand the power of the mind you will believe that your thoughts truly do create your reality. In your world, where you have crowned yourself king of the world of ultimate pleasure, guess what happens in waking life. It translates and this is what you will begin to attract. Imagine over and over again that you are powerful, seductive and strong and eventually you exude that and it will shift your reality.

I use music as the basic platform of creation for your mind to play. Each session option has been carefully engineered with a specially designed playlist to help transport you into the world of imagination. With years of practice with bodywork and energy it is then my job to guide you into a deep state of relaxation and pleasure.

So now the only question is, are you ready? Are you ready to take control of the mind? Are you ready to explore your inner fantasies and desires? Are you ready to escape the world of masks and fakery? Are you ready to truly feel your body? Or not...maybe you just want to relax and have a really good fucking time! Whether you have deep intentions for growth or you just need an amazing hour of pampering and bliss...I am here to engineer the perfect session for you!