High End Luxury EROTIC ARTS TRAINING by the Creatrix of Body Ryding®



As the creatrix of Body Ryding®, Ravyn Ryder has perfected the art of Erotic Bodywork.

What is Body Ryding? 

Body Ryding® is a modality of sensual massage that is concentrated on full body contact with the utilization of all parts of body in the most erotic of ways. As a professional Body Ryder®, I see erotic massage as the art of seduction, something that is often missing in a man’s life. This is where erotic massage differs from traditional massage. It is not focused on healing the physical body. It’s focus is to awaken and open the sexual center and build connection as two bodies intertwine in ways never before imagined.



This type of experience is rarely found in today’s society however, the art of body-to-body massage has a history that stretches across the span of time. One can imagine sacred temples where goddesses and gods, draped in ritual garb, would perform sacred erotic massages utilizing hot oils and every inch of their bodies; two bodies becoming one. From Greece to Rome, Japan to India, each with their own unique styles, cultures across the globe have passed down the secrets of body-to-body massage for centuries. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age these erotic skills have become a lost art. Being very in tune with my natural born gifts, I have tapped into what I claim as a remembering of skills and trades learned in many past lives as an erotic goddess, courtesan, and seductress.



My goal is to give you an escape from the world of corporate tidings and day-to-day routines into a world of luxurious, hedonic pleasure. When you walk in my door you are a king, you are my king. As my king, it is my great pleasure to worship every inch of you with my soft, silky skin and erotically therapeutic touch. I promise to leave you feeling powerful, confident and reminded of the erotic treasures hidden in a world you never knew existed.



I have trained with many talented erotic artists throughout the United States but I credit the creation of Body Ryding® to an innate gift that has always been with me. Whether the experience comes from numerous past lives as an erotic artist or is a divine natural born gift, my knowledge of the body and the art of seduction is evident in my past work. As a former bodyworker I have experience working with hundreds of clients in the art of Bondassage®, Tantric Massage, and Body Ryding®.

I have a double major in both Behavioral Science and Marketing. I have spent the last few years traveling the world, giving me the opportunity to experience different cultures, beliefs and practices. During my travels and over the years, I have had the pleasure of studying with many different teachers in the fields of Tantric Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Aromatherapy, nutrition, and plant medicine therapy. I am a Certified Practitioner and Trainer in the art of Bondassage® and Elysium having been trained by Jaeleen Bennis herself, the creator of Bondassage.

“This woman is amazingly talented and has some seriously devastating bodyslides. Plus she is a total sweetheart!”~Jaeleen Bennis (creator of Bondassage®)



This is what I strive to provide to all of my clients. I am certain that there is nothing more wonderful on this earth than hedonistic, erotic, luxurious pleasure.

“You can tell by all the little extras Ms Ravyn has provided that she wants to make this experience extra special.” ~Client

“Her incall location is excellent, easy to find and she seems to really care about every aspect of your time together. ”~Client

“You can tell she carefully prepares for clients as everything at her fabulous location seems perfect.” ~Client




I have often been told that I possess a natural born talent as a sensual bodyworker.

“Ravyn has an obvious and natural affinity for the sensual arts. From the moment we started, I could sense that she has a deep understanding of the body's sensory systems. Starting with the gentle rocking all the way to the end I was completely immersed in her presence.” ~Client

“She has otherworldly skills that will transport you beyond this plane and into a place of sublime pleasure. She is breathtaking, both to gaze upon and in her touch. A goddess placed here among mortal men to give us a glimpse of heaven.” ~Client




My intellect and non-traditional way of thinking will have you intrigued; tickling your fancy both physically and mentally.

“She is sexy, articulate, and has a vibe about her that is contagious.” ~Client

“I have a thing for smart girls with tattoos- and I was not disappointed. Our conversation was easy, intelligent and felt like I was with a old friend.” ~Client

“She is a true gem of a women in every sense of the word. Fun to talk to and almost went over the appointment at the end just wanting to talk.” ~Client

“She's really nice, down to earth, and connects with you right away. She really does seem to care that you have a good experience.” ~Client

“She is beautiful, sexy, smart, articulate, and just all around amazing! She is also friendly, sweet and professional.” ~Client



My classy, powerful demeanor demonstrates confidence in my strokes and slides. My clients say they can immediately sense a difference being with a provider that loves what she does, that knows exactly what she is doing, and that is confident in herself.

“This woman is amazingly talented and has some seriously devastating bodyslides. Plus she is a total sweetheart!” ~Jaeleen Bennis (creator of Bondassage®)

“She is fantastically beautiful with moonpool eyes, soft skin and amazing skills.” ~Client

“She is very in tune with herself and her sensuality which makes for a very unique experience.” ~Client

 “I have done a lot of professional massage, but Ravyn exceeds the best of them. I never knew anyone that made better use of a massage table. WOW!” ~Client