Healing, personal growth and self exploration are a holistic process that requires attention from multiple angles.

It has always felt like my purpose to bring light to the shadows of our world—to those topics that are rarely talked about yet tend to be the most important aspects of our lives. I have worked extensively on my own shadows, finding that acceptance and understanding brings greater contentment than the goal of trying to rid ourselves of our shadows. We are beings of duality. We live in a world of polarity with natural laws that state what goes up, must come down. We are both animal and divinity. We are both masculine and feminine. We are both primally sexual and consciously aware. We will experience times of happiness and times of sadness. We will experience stages of youth and stages of maturity. We must accept all aspects of ourselves and all aspects of life. I enjoy helping people see and understand the dualities of life and the world we live in.


By default I never move into a space of judgement. As an empath I can understand your perspective in ways many could never understand. I get how you feel, I can understand what it would be like to feel that way, and so in my eyes, you are never wrong. No human emotions are inherently wrong. They stem from somewhere and the deeper we go the better you can understand where those emotions come from. Through understanding comes acceptance and furthermore wholeness. My clients have told me that they feel comfortable telling me things that they have never told anyone. I pride myself in being that person that can give people a sense of relief from their thoughts once buried deep beneath the psyche.


I hold a degree in Behavioral Science. I have been trained as a life coach. I have studied with traditional shamans in Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala. However I don’t like the titles Therapist, Coach or Shaman. I am not here to “fix” you. I am not here to “diagnose” you. I am not here to “heal” you. I am simply a guide. My goal is to guide you within to discover what you already know—helping you to trust what is real to you. We have all been heavily programed to conform to certain social norms, some of which do not serve us as we mature. I am here as a platform to help you lay out your thoughts and gain wisdom from the truth that lies within the cluster of beliefs within your mind.

I do not claim to be an expert. I simply am attracted to such wonders of life and therefore carry enough experience to help those that wish to learn more.

Although sometimes I will sound confident, I am sure of absolutely nothing. I live the dilemmas that we all live. There isn’t an expert in relationships. There are just people that have thought about it more and can put words to some of the paradoxes, to some of the longings, to some of the disillusions, to some of the aspirations that we all have.
— Esther Perel

I enjoy working with women, men and couples that are interested in exploring the sacred nature intimacy. My goals are to educated, listen and explore with you. There are many sexual issues that people face these days. From what I have observed throughout my years of practice working with clients, at the core of things, most people suffer from similar issues. I have created 6 main categories, where-in most of the issues reside.


I use the acronym CARNAL to outline the categories of Communication, Advising, Repatterning, Needs, Acknowledgement and Letting Go. If any of the below issues resonate with you, please reach out as I would love to guide you through the shadows, into wholeness. In some cases you will need to work in only one categories and in others you may feel work needs to be done in several.



Sharing our needs- Many couples find themselves in a holding pattern or are unhappy with their current sex life. They may be curious to explore new things or their tastes have changed as they have grown. We are most fearful of judgement from those that are closest to us. Our partners may actually feel threatened by change. Fear that “I don’t know my partner anymore” can cause insecurities that we may somehow lose our partner. We like to imagine the person we are with as a fixed object that never changes or leaves. But as we move into security with our partners and self-love within ourselves we can feel more confident communicating our needs.



Education- Most of us were not raised discussing the many ways that one can engage sexually with another. But how can we be good at anything without proper education? Most of what we offer as tools for educating come in the way of porn, which portrays a very deluded reality of what sex actually is. I am happy to offer advice and education on different techniques, practices, books, classes, and workshops that can take you from amateur to master in the bedroom.



Practice- Much of what I see is required for a better sex life is an unlearning. One must unlearn everything programmed into our psyche and repattern with more positive habits and practices. I have male clients that have been masturbating for 5 minutes their entire life and wonder why they can’t last longer with a partner. I have female clients that have only been practicing clitoral masturbation their entire life and wonder why they can’t have a vaginal orgasm with a partner. Some people have created a pattern of only coming to porn and then wonder why they can’t get off with a partner. These and many other issues are due to habits that we have patterned into our brain. The practice needed to undo this patterning does take work but through different exercises and homework, I am happy to guide those that are dedicated enough to do the work.



Understanding what we want- A problem I see quite often is that someone may be unable to express their needs simply because they don’t know what they are. We live in a society where children are rarely asked what they like. Instead they are told how they should be and what they should do. Then as we mature into adults we do what we think we should be doing and can’t even really tell if we are fully enjoying it or not. But what we do know is that there is some kind of void. Usually that void is where our true desires lie. I provide a safe environment for you to explore and for us to discuss what it is you might truly desire.



Understanding where desires come from- I have had many clients that hold deep seeded shame around their own sexuality. They may have fantasies, fetishes or kinks that make them feel dirty or wrong. In most cases fantasies that make us feel wrong are due to past traumas and a need for something. Once we can determine the true need behind the fantasy one can come into acceptance.



Release of trauma and shame- Society and religion have placed many burdens upon the human race when it comes to sexuality including trauma, shame, leading us to believe that we are sinful, programming us to believe that we are undeserving of pleasure and love, and giving us the belief that our bodies are never good enough. Through exploration we can pinpoint the various moments that have led us to feel shameful in our lives, leading to the release of such beliefs. When it comes to trauma, the imprint of traumatic events throughout our lives can leave behind scars that need to be healed. Our senses are limited to a visual picture that can only reveal so much but beyond the surface lives a world of cells, neurons, vibrations and energy that can hold onto traumas for years. Through different exercises and practices I can guide you into release and healing of such traumas.

Sometimes just by opening up to someone about these topics that are rarely, if ever, talked about, we can come into better understanding of how to move into healing, acceptance and appreciation. Then we are finally able to manifest the pleasure, love and fulfillment that we need and deserve. I am here to guide you.


  • Compulsive Sexual Behavior

  • Porn Addiction

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Mental Impotence/Performance Anxiety

  • Intimacy Issues

  • Anorgasmia & Orgasm Difficulties

  • Body Image Concerns

  • Low or Missing Sex Drive

  • Unconventional Turn-Ons

  • Painful Intercourse

*If you are dealing with something not mentioned, please reach out and I will see what I can offer.



DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed health care provider, counselor, or therapist and do not engage in patient diagnosis or the practice of medicine. By acknowledging this you agree that all guidance, both on this website and during one-on-one sessions is given in good faith and without prejudice. My services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. My guided sessions in no way are to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I exercise my best professional efforts, skills and can refer you to a medical professional. Although, I cannot guarantee the outcome of my guidance efforts and/or recommendations on my website. I can, however, guarantee that I will do everything in my power to help guide you through whatever storm you are weathering.