An Erotic Artist is a seductress in the most sensually dominant form. She is confident in her body and the pleasure that it can extent. She is powerful in her actions, as her knowledge becomes a tool to be valiantly executed. She is dominant without saying a word as she allows her body to do the talking. Her pleasure comes from the pleasure of others, yet selfishly reaps the rewards of her craft. Her new skills exude sexuality and power wherever she goes. Being an Erotic Artist doesn’t end in the bedroom. It will become a part of you and can translate into all aspects of your life.


As you complete your Erotic Arts Training you will gain more than you ever thought possible. Your confidence will increase as you feel more comfortable in your body. You will gain new seduction and massage techniques. And you will understand that ultimately giving is receiving. This is not just a gift for your partner, it is a gift for YOU! Step into your sensual dominance knowing that you have the power to share and give, simply with your beautiful, unique body!


I am highly skilled and trained and offer several packages and modalities of training for women interested in increasing confidence and power, and unleashing the divine, dominant seductress within.


I offer trainings in:

  • Body Ryding

  • Bondassage

  • Erotic Hypnossage


Please contact me for more details.